Professional Responsibility
Notice of Reinstatement to Practice: Duane Rhyno

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The Nova Scotia Barristers' Society gives notice that pursuant to a Resolution of the Society's Complaints Investigation Committee made under Section 37(1) of the Legal Profession Act, Duane Rhyno, of Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, has been permitted to return to the practice of law effective March 8, 2017, subject to the following conditions:

Duane Rhyno must:

  1. Practice under supervision of a Practice Supervisor, Brian Bailey, to be paid for by Mr. Rhyno. Payment of the Practice Supervisor in a timely manner is a condition of Mr. Rhyno’s continuing to practice;
  2. The Practice Supervisor will meet in Mr. Rhyno’s office and review all open files at least weekly, for the 1st month, and thereafter as determined by the Practice Supervisor and may provide such other advice and guidance as appropriate and as requested by Mr. Rhyno;
  3. The Practice Supervisor will prepare monthly written reports for the Director of Professional Responsibility;
  4. Fully cooperate with the Society’s ongoing investigations; and
  5. Cooperate with the Society obtaining a mirror image of his laptop hard drive by a technical expert retained and paid for by the Society. The Society will not access the mirror image without an Order of the Supreme Court or consent of Mr. Rhyno.  

Please contact the Nova Scotia Barristers' Society at 902 422 1491 with any questions.