• #TalkJustice: We want to hear from you!

    Help the Access to Justice Coordinating Committee improve how justice and legal services are delivered in Nova Scotia. Share your thoughts and stories anonymously via the online tool at www.talkjustice.ca. Your input will help us shape the changes ahead. Read more … 

  • The Nova Scotia Barristers' Society is the public interest regulator of the legal profession

    The Society sets and maintains standards for the credentialing and admissions of those who seek to practise law in Nova Scotia, ensures professional responsibility through its regulation, and works to enhance access to legal services and the justice system for all Nova Scotians. (At left: Bar Admission Ceremony 2017, Pier 21)

  • Building cultural competence, equity strategies in legal workplaces

    For tools and guidance on employment equity and cultural competence, use the Society’s resource portal: Developing an equity strategy in your legal workplace. It provides lawyers and legal services organizations with model policies, short educational videos, assessment toolkits and checklists, and a reference library. Find the new portal under Equity & access or bookmark it directly: http://nsbs.libguides.com/equityportal.

  • The Society Record: The #TalkJustice edition

    The current edition of the Society Record is a #TalkJustice summer reading special. View it online for essays, poems and reflections inspired by the #TalkJustice project, which connects with the public to help improve how justice and legal services are delivered in Nova Scotia. 

  • Transforming regulation and governance in the public interest

    Council created an ambitious Strategic Framework to guide the Society’s activities from 2016 to 2019. Strategic initiatives include implementing the Regulatory Objectives and legal services regulation, among others. These efforts aim to ensure regulation of Nova Scotia’s legal profession is keeping pace with the rapidly evolving global landscape of legal services. For details on how it's shaping up, see nsbs.org/legal-services-regulation

  • Online Lawyers’ Reading Room

    Desktop access to Irwin Law eBook Collection and Emond Working With The Law eBook Collection for Society members. Enter the Lawyers’ Reading Room

  • Library Discovery Catalogue

    Use the Barristers’ Library Discovery Catalogue to find texts, law reporters, legislation, precedents and other resources in barristers’ libraries, and NS CPD papers in full-text online.